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Designer explains why Beyond Good & Evil 2 was delayed

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Michel Ancel has released a new image of Beyond Good & Evil 2 on his personal Instagram account. On this occasion, its about the prototype made in 2008.


Through his Instagram profile, Michel Ancel has once again spoken about the Beyond Good & Evil 2, which is finally in the works. The author has in fact shown some sketches of the characters that had been made already in 2008.

Ancel said that the game was playable on several prototypes. “All videos where realtime but we had too much technical issues . We wanted planet exploration , space travel , cities … All this was also supposed to be in BGE 1 … Instead of not doing the game of our dreams , we decided to return to 2d , have fun with Rayman and go back at work for Beyond good and Evil 2. We still have loooooots of work but now the tech is ready and the team is fantastic!”

Please remember that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is officially confirmed, although it is still in pre-production and the target platforms are unknown yet. Rumors say it could be an exclusive for Nintendo’s next console, NX.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 took many years in development, although we do not yet know practically anything about it beyond that Ancel has been working on the game while he was responsible for other projects.

The first installment was originally released in 2003 for PC, GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2, offering a mix of action, exploration, puzzles and platforms which was very well received by both audiences and critics.