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Denuvo Rumored To Cause 30-40% of Additional CPU usage In Assassin’s Creed Origins

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With the arrival of Assassin’s Creed Origins, we have noticed two things, the first fact is that it is the first game with Denuvo that manages to survive the day of its release without being cracked, and the second, that apparently it takes a powerful CPU to execute with certain guarantees to run the game properly without any lags or blue screen of deaths, especially if we aspire to 60 or more FPS.

The group of crackers Revolt has pointed recently that Ubisoft has used both the Denuvo protection system and VMProtect for Assassin’s Creed Origins in additional measure to protect the game. The news is good for Ubisoft because the game currently has not been cracked till now.

For users, perhaps the thing is different, since the Revolt group has revealed that the use of the Denuvo and VMProtect system in the new title of the franchise is causing an additional CPU consumption between 30-40%, which is why it would be negatively affecting all the weak CPUs and those who had in mind to achieve high framerates above 100fps.

For now there is no way to check whether these allegations of Revolt, are true, so we have to take this information as a simple rumors or as a theory, because even the cracked version of the game cannot completely eliminate this issue in the system and only Ubisoft could launch a DRM-free version in the future if it is cracked.

Previously, the cracker Baldman claimed that the protection of the Rime game constantly checked the copy of the game for legality, which significantly affected the performance.