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Report: How Denuvo’s Security Affects the PC Gaming Experience

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After its implementation in some PC game, the anti-piracy security technology of Denuvo was embroiled in controversy as players began to report that their gaming experience was affected in different sectors.

The confirmation of these effects led some developers to remove the security support to meet the expectations of their consumers. Despite this, Denuvo is still present in various games and a group of computer game analysts have been given the task of demonstrating how problems with that technology arise.

Recently, a report by Arstechnica revealed the new episode of a series created by the YouTube channel Overlord Gaming and dedicated to showing how Denuvo’s technology affects the gaming experience of users.

After testing games such as Dishonored, Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, Motoracer 4 and RiME, the results showed an increase in load times of 50 to 80%, as well as interruptions in the frames per second greater than the standard of 16.67 milliseconds that is customary when deploying 60 fps. Also, the test in terms of frames per second yielded some jumps between tables with ranges between 100, 200 and up to 400 milliseconds, amounts undesirable by those gaming enthusiasts on PC.

In order to avoid doubts, the tests were carried out with versions of the games in full use of Denuvo’s technology and, later, with released versions of that security. In that sense, the results confirmed that the games were highly benefited in terms of their gaming experience after withdrawing Denuvo’s technology.

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