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Denial of Horizon: Zero Dawn Street Date Broken in Brazil

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The user of NeoGAF “viHuGi” has posted in recent hours a photo testifying the breaking of the day one of Horizon Zero Dawn in Brazil: the image came from a Brazilian Facebook group and the author claimed to have bought the game at the weekend from Saraiva, one of the largest retailers in the country.

A spokesman for the chain store has intervened in the topic of NeoGAF to deny the news and viHuGi user was then banned. Saraiva has not broken the day one of Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as any other Brazilian store, the new title of Guerrilla Games will regularly be on sale starting from February 28 in the US and from 1 March in Europe.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in 3000 a.d., when civilization is zeroed out and the world is now dominated by machines. The game follows the story of a female character named Aloy, fascinating hunter able to defeat enormous electrical machines who must set out on a long journey. The title is in our list of the most anticipated games of 2017.

Meanwhile, you can also see a new TV spot created for the UK TV posted in our news columns here. Just a few days ago, Horizon Zero Dawn had been involved in another leak that showed the entire map of the game world.