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Demon’s Souls Rated Again By The ESRB

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It’s been a long time since many want a remake of Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 4 and cyclically we tell you that the rights of the brand have been renewed or that, as in this case, a new rating of the game has arrived from the ESRB at the request of the developer.

Over the past few hours, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the video game classification agency in the United States of America, has published a new rating of Demon’s Souls, the action-RPG title of From Software which is available in the market for 9 years now.

Neither the rating itself (Mature) nor the description of the software have changed, except for one particular thing to note down: the online gaming section is no longer referred to. Unfortunately, therefore, it would seem that the thing is not linked in any way to the much desired remastered game for PlayStation 4, so much so that the evaluation refers again to the original platform on which the game was released, or PlayStation 3.

Demons’ Souls is available now for PS3. We’ll see if, in the wake of Dark Souls Remastered, From Software will finally decide to bring even the progenitor of souls-like on PS4.

Meanwhile, we remind you that, despite the closure of official servers, the online game could continue to live thanks to the fans involved in the creation of private servers.