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Demon Gaze II Second Trailer Revealed by Kadokawa Games

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Kadokawa Games and Experience offers us a new promotional video of Demon Gaze II, a PlayStation Vita game to be released in Japan on October 13.

Demon Gaze II

Kadokawa Games and Experience have published the second trailer for Demon Gaze II, role-playing game to be released in the country of the rising sun for PS Vita, in which we are presented with different Demons.

The reservations of the game in Japan includes with promoting an album of the soundtrack with selected topics of the game and its predecessor.

Demon Gaze II will be a dungeon exploration game that takes place thousands of years after its predecessor, Students of the Round. In the game we control Oz, a young man who has a magic eye able to seal demons.

The gameplay combines dungeon exploration and relationships with other characters in the village tavern, where we can also buy items.

In the maintenance area of the base, it is possible to maintain its demons to the player. In this way, you can increase the binding to the demons. For this, the so-called “Maintenance Crystals” are needed, these can be found in the various dungeons. The Care provides to find a certain “feel-good” point to the demons, which then fills the entire screen.

Recall that Demon Gaze II will appear for the PlayStation Vita on October 13 in Japan.

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