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Deformers has been delayed worldwide

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Ready at Dawn has announced that Deformers will not be released on February 14 as originally planned. The game has been delayed until a later date, even if the team ensures that the players will not have to wait too long before they can get their hands on the title.

It was only ten days for the exit of Deformers, and Ready at Dawn has announced that the title will not come out on the scheduled date. The game was in fact delayed until a later date, the team ensures that we should not have to wait long before we can get our hands on the particular action title.

“The feedback and data we’ve gathered over the past few weeks we’ve been playing together has been incredibly valuable and insightful; it’s also helped us to make the tough call on slightly delaying the February 14th launch of Deformers so we can spend more time addressing your feedback and ensuring that we deliver the best gameplay experience possible,” was stated by the developer.

The new launch date of Deformers will be announced shortly, remember that the game will be released in digital format and retail at GameTrust, publishing label of GameStop.

Note that it will also be possible, in the absence of an in-game chat, to launch bubbles with Emojis to express your feeling on the ground (there are gifs on the Twitter Deformers game that illustrates our purpose).