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Defenders of Ekron download available in Holiday 2015 on PS4

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Defenders of Ekron is a new PS4 exclusive game that will be coming up this year. A release date is not cleared about it yet. The game is pretty different bringing up a better version of side scrolling on the console. The game has a futuristic storyline with adventurous gameplay. It gives some impressive cinematic with classic shooting gameplay. The game is also having some twist that will really surprise you. The game revolves around Eneas who is a young pilot. He owns a special ability called as Isvara where he can absorb the energy around and transform it to something special. The game trailer is out that you can see at the end of this article. The trailer offers a glimpse of how the game will be. It looks a bit classic but can be a nice game for the console.

Defenders of Ekron Screenshot
Defenders of Ekron Screenshot

Classic mode does not mean that the game is not having good graphics; Defenders of Ekron is a pretty impressive game and looks nice. It has different modes like Normal Shooting mode, Special Shooting mode and Shield. With this there are more modes like Analysis mode where you can understand things around you before entering into a particular location. Then there is a map mode that helps you to find your friends and enemies location. The last one is Navigation mode where you can explore a variety of things in this game. So this are the things that makes Defenders of Ekron look nice and also a bit interesting.