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Deep Silver Confirms Shenmue 3 Will Release on Steam, Possibly To Calm Down Angry Fans


The announcement of exclusivity of Shenmue 3 on Epic Games Store did not appeal to fans at all, especially those who had supported the game on Kickstarter thinking of receiving a Steam copy. The criticisms directed at Deep Silver, distributor of the title, have become even more noisy, moreover, after it was discovered that it will not be possible to obtain a refund of the amount already spent.

During the Kickstarter campaign, a Steam version of the game was never promised, but in the promotional materials and in some declarations it was explicitly spoken about the Valve platform. But all this was canceled when Deep Silver and YS Net announced exclusivity.

The feelings of the public are not at all positive, therefore, and Deep Silver knows well that it is not a good idea to antagonize the fans, especially after what happened with Metro Exodus; for this reason, probably, the distributor has updated the FAQ section of their site by inserting a new entry: “Shenmue 3 will be released on Steam in the future.”

When “in the future”? For now we do not know, but normally the exclusivity for Epic Games Store is one year, so there is a strong risk that we will not be able to play Shenmue 3 on Steam before November 2020: an expectation that, we imagine, will not be nice for fans who have invested large amounts in the title and don’t want to have to use the Epic Games Store. Unfortunately we can not do anything about it, if not decide to buy the PlayStation 4 version: in any case, the game will be available on November 19, 2019 (initially was expected in August, but has been delayed).

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Epic Games Store will not be much loved, but it is trying to make us change our mind with a new promotion: one game a week will be given for the whole year of 2019. Tell us, are you for or against Epic Games Store? Will you still play Shenmue 3 on PC?

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