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Deep Down New Trademark filed by Capcom

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After the announcement of Deep Down, Capcom has maintained a long silence about the game, renewing the ownership of the trademark, but never updated the official site, and avoided sharing any details about the ongoing work with the public. The company, however, seems to have not at all abandoned this project.

Deep Down was one of the first games announced by Capcom for the current generation of console, but this exclusive PlayStation 4 title has not seen the light of day. Capcom has now registered a new trademark under the name of Deep Down, suggesting that the game will be released eventually.

Capcom has re-registered the name, it is not a renewal, and as E3 2017 approaches, it is possible to get an announcement on the title soon. Deep Down is a title that was presented as a kind of Dark Souls with Panta Rhei engine of Capcom.

Capcom had already renewed, for the fifth time, the trademark of Deep Down in the United States in 2016, thus having the obligation to market the product by February 2017, in order not to lose its validity. Although there have been no more news on this new intellectual property, Capcom does not seem to be willing to abandon it at all, and has in fact registered Deep Down as a new trademark.

At the moment we do not know what are the intentions of Capcom and there is no information about a possible launch period, but according to allegations made in 2015 by producer Yoshinori Ono, the team plans to take a very different direction for the title, opting for something much larger and of a different nature. We therefore have to wait to learn more about the game soon.