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Deemo Reborn for PS4 announced

The studio Rayark revealed recently the development of Deemo Reborn for PlayStation 4. This installment is a new title that will belong to the series of rhythm games of Rayark. However, Deemo Reborn will be a fully 3D-created game with support for PlayStation VR.

In case you do not know, this series of musical titles made its original debut on mobile devices and later came to PlayStation Vita. Like its predecessor, Deemo Reborn will put us in the role of a girl who knows a mystic being called Deemo, who has great skills to play the piano.

The game features rhythm mechanics and will feature music by Sony Music Entertainment. In addition, the studio confirmed that the title will include several languages, such as Spanish, English, Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.

Rayark did not confirm a release date for this title, so we will have to wait for more information about it. It is likely that over the next few days details of the story will come out for Deemo Reborn.

If you played the original title, remember that Rayark worked to get it to Nintendo Switch. This title includes 200 compositions to choose from and has 3 different levels of difficulty.

What do you think about the arrival of this new title of Deemo? What did you think of the previous game?

Here’s the first teaser of Deemo Reborn:

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