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Death Stranding will offer great freedom of action to players

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During the RTX event in Sydney, Hideo Kojima has shared new details on the development of Death Stranding, commenting on the open world structure of the game and the freedom of action that will be offered to the players. The underlying theme of the new venture will be based on the concept of “connections”.

Death Stranding continues to take shape. According to Hideo Kojima, the game will be an open world with elements never seen in other productions. Most of the features of Death Stranding are still shrouded in mystery, but the last game of Hideo Kojima is already one of the most anticipated by fans.

The theme of “connections”, already anticipated in the first two trailers released so far, wants to propose a different game mechanics than usual, where you do not simply have to shoot enemies: “The first invention of mankind was the stick, to fight. The second was the rope, to connect and hold people together,” says Kojima.

According to the words of the Japanese game designers, users accustomed to AAA titles will feel at home with Death Stranding, but will do 3-4 hours of play to realize small, important differences that distinguish it from other products in circulation.

In short, even if Death Stranding will have an open world structure and the ability to wield weapons, players can expect a dynamic and original gameplay free in approaches. We look now to learn more: the game is scheduled on PS4 (and not on PS5, Kojima wanted to clarify) to a date still to be decided.