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Death Stranding will feature unique cooperative play, to launch before Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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Kojima Productions has explained at the Tokyo Game Show, the Japanese video game event, that Death Stranding will be launched before the next Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 2020. In addition, the title has promised to have a new form of cooperative multiplayer.


During the Tokyo Game Show, designers and developers were brought to the stage to give a few explanations about the games on which they are working, as was the case with Hideo Kojima for the title of Death Stranding.

And as you can probably imagine, Hideo Kojima has played the game, accompanied by his faithful designer Yoji Shinkawa. As expected, neither new trailer or exclusive images have emerged during this conference. It must be said that the development of the game began very recently, and we will have to arm ourselves with a little patience before we can have some concrete visual about Death Stranding.

The game, billed as a title for PC and PlayStation 4 at E3 2016, has been presented to the Japanese public by Hideo Kojima. In the event, he has given the track on the release date and has also pointed out that the brand will feature new multiplayer, but has also ensured that the title can fully be playable solo.

Finally, Kojima explained already working on tests to find the actors for the other characters and hinted that there could be a major female character. “Will there be a heroine? Who should play her,” he asked the audience rhetorically.

Death Stranding will be a temporary exclusive title for PS4, logically before going out on PC. There will be, however, no release of the title for Xbox One or some other gaming consoles.