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Death Stranding will be an open world action game with online functions

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Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, has unveiled new details on their upcoming game: Death Stranding.


As explained by the creative, Death Stranding will be an action game that will take place in an open world, thus giving players a great freedom of action. Yes, he has also ensured that the story will be very important, as it was to be expected from one of his titles.

Finally, Kojima has confirmed that the title will also have online functions, although he was not yet been able to reveal what it will be and how important it will be.

Thanks to this you can get a better idea of what we can expect after the cryptic trailer of presentation that was shown at last E3, where no clue about the kind of game this would have been given.

Death Stranding will be launched on PlayStation 4 and PC.

In related news, Hideo Kojima has published a fact, through his own Twitter profile, with an image that portrays an actor on the set of the game. As you can see for yourself just below the article, the tweet is impossible to understand the actor’s identity and is therefore very difficult to make any assumptions.

The man in question could be Mads Mikkelsen, name already emerged a few weeks ago or it could be someone else who ever approached Death Stranding.