Death Stranding: Kojima Promises A Surprise Announcement in 2018

It was confirmed that Sony is 'surprised' with the speed of the game development.

Death Stranding Gameplay

Death Stranding was seen during the recent “The Game Awards”, with a trailer that did not leave anyone indifferent. Recently, in an interview in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation, Hideo Kojima has indicated that the development of the game “is going well enough that SIE told us.”

In this sense, celebrating that the development of the action game Death Stranding goes smoothly, the game director took the opportunity to indicate that in 2018 he will make “an announcement that will further surprise everyone in 2018.”

Kojima said that Sony itself told them the following: “We have never before seen a game being created at such a fast pace,” referring to the speed of game development.

At the moment, it is unknown what is that surprise to which Kojima refers. In other news related to the game, the trailer of Death Stranding presented during The Game Awards 2017 was running on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Death Stranding is an action game exclusively coming to PS4. The details that we know about this story leads us to think of a post-apocalyptic world where Norman Reedus will represent the protagonist, while Mads Mikkelsen will play his nemesis.

At the moment Hideo Kojima continues to keep the secret of his new work, but with each new cinematic shown we can bet that we will have a great title on the Sony console soon.


  • I pray he’s admitting that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The premise is a jumbled lie that translators and actors have yet to understand. Zero concept of gameplay. Dude is selling snake oil and wolf tickets.
    Not a god damn clue what he’s doing. Especially writing. I figure 0 of the actors understanding him and the translators can’t stand him, so why do people buy into his BS? Can’t wait for the armchair journalists thatbare going to tell me a renowned Japanese writer that translated for him had to change things all the time because Kojima had literally no idea how to write a coherent story. But hey, we’ll be able to play with rope in it, not just sticks. Think about the potential.

  • Wow I didn’t know PS4 exclusive. Incredibly la*e. I like games coming out for PC as well for the mod options.

  • Sorry you can’t think outside of the little shoebox. I’m guessing an earlier than anticipated release date. All trolls leave. Use to be a huge Xbox one fan. Converted to Sony when PlayStation Pro and only go back for Forza every once in a great while. Purchased over 120 titles for PS within a year. This year is another great year for Sony. Microsoft is lacking again on any First party. Here’s hoping they step it up because having the moniker of “most powerful console” doesn’t mean anything without games. Still have a salty taste in my mouth from Day One Xbox One Launch with Kinect.

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