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Death Stranding soundtrack will be composed by Ludvig Forssell?

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It could be Ludvig Forssell as the author of the soundtrack of Death Stranding, this at least is the hypothesis launched by YouTube channel YongYea, which would have been reassured by Kenichiro Imaizumi (collaborator of Hideo Kojima) that the audio track matches the latest trailer of the game that would be taken care of right from Forssell.


The youtuber YongYea brought to the attention of the web very interesting information. The original soundtrack of Death Stranding will (probably) be made up by Ludvig Forsell, who is already rewarded for his excellent work with the OST of The Phantom Pain.

Ludvig Forssell is the author of the award-winning soundtrack of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, and it is possible that the game designers and Japanese producer has availed himself again for his cooperation and his talent. YongYea has also published an audio comparison between a piece by MGS V and the theme of Death Stranding, noting a very similar style of composition, if not identical in some sound lines.

The soundtrack to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been very much appreciated, and we are sure to Death Stranding there will be no exception.

There are no direct confirmations and we invite you to take the news as a simple rumor, waiting for Hideo Kojima to reveal more details about the soundtrack of Death Stranding.

In another news, Hideo Kojima has challenged fans to discover the hidden secrets in the mysterious new trailer for Death Stranding? We are sure that many of you are already at work to find out the secrets.