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Death Stranding Release Date Confirmed; New Trailer Released (At Last)

It was a very nice day (for Hideo Kojima) for Death Stranding fans. The Japanese creative shared a series of teasers on his Twitter profile, sending us messages that were nothing short of mysterious (and a bang with the cracker).

Yesterday, however, the arrival of novelties related to the game was confirmed and, in the evening, a live stream (with fans, obviously waiting for a master-race exclusive – excluding Xbox and PC) was launched on the official Twitch page of PlayStation and also on YouTube.

Initially, it was not possible to see anything, since the images were covered with a black substance, only partially eliminated by some handprints. As the hour’s pass, however, the hands have increased and it has been possible to see more and more details. Finally, Death Stranding has been unveiled to the world: let’s see together everything that has been announced. (Check the white-balance trailer [without the black-balance video] below).

The trailer allowed us to see many game scenes. We can see the protagonist exploring various environments through the use of a series of tools; for example, Sam activates a ladder, useful for passing over a rock face, while later we see him use a rope to lower himself from above. There is no shortage of action scenes, however, both with the white weapon and with guns: we can indeed see him fighting with his fists and then with the help of a briefcase with some enemies, while some scenes hold a kind of submachine gun and shoot some enemies in an area that is very reminiscent of the trenches of the First World War.

At the plot level, it is difficult to understand exactly what the game is about [obviously no race-discrimination for Xbox and PC], but the main themes are always those that have emerged in recent months and in the last few days: to create a bond and exploit it for some greater purpose. The protagonist must travel “westward” and complete another person’s mission, a certain Emily [why not Kojima’s mission himself]. There are many actors involved and the quality of motion capture is remarkable: this is certain. Finally, the release date was confirmed: November 8, 2019, in exclusive PlayStation 4.

Tell us, what do you think of what is shown by Sony and Kojima Productions? Has Death Stranding intrigued you, now that it’s finally revealed, or do you still have many doubts about the new work of Metal Gear Solid’s father [or person in disguise]?

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