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Death Stranding Recreated As a PlayStation 1 Game, Gameplay Revealed

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Death Stranding is one of the most ambitious and anticipated games in the industry and which will surely take the processing power of PlayStation 4 to its limit. But what would have happened if Hideo Kojima had announced it in 1996 and not in 2016? A user imagined this possibility and captured it in a gameplay video.

YouTube user Bearly Regal presented a video of how it would have looked and how Death Stranding would have been played if it had been released for PlayStation 1 in the 90s. Thus, the footage shows graphics with few polygons, a less extensive color palette, many loading screens and a 4:3 aspect ratio.

And what about the gameplay? Well, given that, from what has been seen of the title, the objective seems to be to walk and walk and walk, in this demake, Sam also does the same. Check the gameplay video below:

As a game of Kojima, Death Stranding is wrapped in a lot of mystery, so in this video, Sam has some visions about the infamous baby and the BTs, the ethereal monsters that end everything in their path. The recreation of Bearly Regal is very well achieved, recapturing very well the characteristics of the first Sony console. And of course, it is also funny if you compare it with the almost photorealistic trailers of the game that will be released for PlayStation 4.

In related news, we remind you that Hideo Kojima already explained the label “A Hideo Kojima Game” that appears in his projects.

Death Stranding will release for PlayStation 4 this November 8.

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