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Death Stranding PS4 Cover Art Hints at PC Title Possibility

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At the end of May, Kojima Productions consented us with a new trailer for Death Stranding, as well as the revelation of its release date and several of its editions. What we could not see was its final cover art that will look like. Fortunately, that changed today, since Hideo Kojima, manager of the project, decided to show it. The striking thing about all this is that the cover has an element that gave PC players a lot of hope.

In San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Hideo Kojima shared the final cover art of Deathnowhere on the cover is indicated that it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 Stranding. As we expected, it appears Sam Bridges, the protagonist of the game, looking towards the horizon while wearing a suit to protect the rain. In it, also appears the logo of the game and it is confirmed that the ESRB classified it as a game only suitable for adults.

The detail that we saw that we say will give hope to PC players is that nowhere on the cover is indicated that it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4. As you know, games that have some type of exclusivity have a legend that says so. So, this could be a clue that Death Stranding can be enjoyed on other platforms besides PlayStation 4.

We remind you that shortly after it was revealed that Kojima was working on a new game, information emerged that pointed to it coming to PC. That said, since then nothing more was mentioned, so many considered that it was simply a misunderstanding. That said, this information will surely rekindle the hope of those who will play on this platform.

You can check the cover art of the game below.

Death Stranding Cover Art

Death Stranding will arrive on November 8 on PlayStation 4. Now that you saw it, what did you think about the final cover of Death Stranding? Do you think we will see Death Stranding on PC? Tell us in the comments below.