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Death Stranding Patch 1.03 Available for Download Now

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Death Stranding will be available starting November 8, 2019 on PlayStation 4, but the work of Kojima Productions has been around for a long time. As often happens, however, these weeks have been exploited by the developers to give the final touches to the game, through patches.

A first update, dedicated to improving the performance of Death Stranding, was released to reviewers last month and weighed around 400 MB. Now, a few days after the launch, another update has been introduced, namely the number 1.03 which has a file size of approximately 1 GB. Below you can see the changelogs introduced by this update.

To get started, the Death Stranding 1.03 patch solves various undefined problems. Adjustments to the balance of the game are introduced and the quality of the translation has also been improved. Furthermore, the version of the save game data has been updated to 1.03: it is important to note that all the save data in version 1.03 will not be compatible with the previous versions of Death Stranding.

Finally, we remind you that, as we suspected, Death Stranding is not a total exclusive of PlayStation 4: the Hideo Kojima game, developed with the support of Guerrilla Games (Horizon Zero Dawn, Killzone), will also be released on PC in the summer of 2020. We do not know, for now, what the advantages of this version will be, but it has already been revealed that it will not be published by Sony, but by 505 Games, an Italian distributor that has dealt with Control (Remedy Entertainment) and Assetto Corsa (Kunos Simulazioni).