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Death Stranding: Kojima Publishes New Figurines and Photos, Possibly Teasing A New Gameplay Scene

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The internal testing on the gameplay of Death Stranding have already begun a few days, but Hideo Kojima continues to update us on the status of the work with his usual publications: the game director has posted on Twitter a series of new photos that could underlie a hidden message.

Hideo Kojima continues to tease their followers on Twitter, and this time also there are the puppets. The composition published by the Japanese game director may suggest the characters that we will see in the next trailer for the game, with the due pairings.

As you can see in the tweets at the bottom of the page, the new figurines and photos shared by Hideo Kojima portray a series of puppets, books, a couple of postcards, the statue of Ludens and more, for what it looks like there is a hidden message encrypted.

Does the game director want to give us some clues on the plot of Death Stranding? In any case, among the puppets, you can recognize there is Quiet of Metal Gear Solid V and even the Xenomorfo of Alien movie.

But the question still arises: when will we see new material of the game? Will we have to wait for E3 2018 or will it happen sooner?

Waiting to know more details about the project, we remind you that Kojima has promised to have in store a big announcement on the game coming in 2018.