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Death Stranding: Kojima Productions Reveals New Details on Sam’s Hands

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With a series of messages posted on Twitter, Kojima Productions is back to talk about the main themes of Death Stranding, expressing this time on the symbolic meaning of Sam’s hands. How would you live in a world without connections?

As watchful fans will have noticed, Death Stranding trailers have often focused on Sam’s hands. The software house wanted to deepen the topic of hands analyzing the symbology: “The left hand and the right hand are mirror images of themselves. However, they aren’t exactly the same, as they can’t be superposed. This characteristic is called chirality, and something with chirality is said to be chiral,” mentions the official Twitter account of Kojima Productions.

Taking a cultural examination, the company added: “For example: in Buddhism, putting hands together to pray has a symbolism: the right hand being that of Buddha and the left hand being that of the person. Putting together the hands to pray symbolizes becoming one with Buddha.”

“In many cultures, a handshake symbolizes mutual friendship. However, hands that are chiral images of each other can’t handshake. What would you do if you couldn’t “hold hands” anymore? How would you live in a world that isn’t connected?” the statements concluded.

What exactly is Death Stranding talking about? The mysteries are still numerous, and Hideo Kojima seems intent on remaining vague for a while. What do you expect from the game? Tell us in the comments below.

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