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Death Stranding: Kojima Reveals Main Characters

A few days ago, in the framework of the Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima presented a new trailer of Death Stranding where a new character was shown and the occasion was used to exhibit art of the title and provide details about the characters. Today, new information has arrived in that sense.

A few minutes ago, Hideo Kojima published art of main characters of Death Stranding on his official Twitter account, which was designed by Yoji Shinkawa, the legendary artist who accompanied the creative in the titles of Metal Gear Solid. One of these characters is inspired by the Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, who has maintained a close friendship with Kojima during the process of developing Death Stranding, and today’s publication revealed information related to him.

According to Kojima, the character of Guillermo del Toro will not count on the performance of the film director because he respects his times and occupations, so it was decided to do a scan of del Toro in 3D and both the voice overs and the movements are made by other actors.

At the same time, Kojima showed the art of the characters that are played by Lindsay Wagner and Mads Mikkelsen. In this regard, the creative mentioned that there could be some minor changes in the design of the characters in the future and still some more main characters will be presented.

Death Stranding is in development exclusively for PS4.

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