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Death Stranding Launch Trailer Is Ready

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For a few days, Hideo Kojima has been working on the Death Stranding launch trailer, which will be responsible for putting the icing on a media cake that has only grown in recent months. Now, after recently reporting that the work regarding the aforementioned trailer was still strong, Kojima-san has confirmed that he has finally finished that video.

Thanks to the second image of the Tweet, we can already take a look at what will probably be one of the scenes featured in the launch trailer, showing a lot of whales stranded on the beach in-game. But for the time being Kojima has not revealed any other information on this video.

So, now we only have to wait and see when they decide from Kojima Productions the ideal time to give the green light to the publication of the launch trailer. At this point, we are still just over two weeks from the date of release of Death Stranding – less in terms of the international publication of the game’s review -, so it would be understandable if we have no alternative but to have to wait for even a few more days. In any case, the really positive thing is to know that the title is coming to meet its scheduled dates without any problem.

Death Stranding will go on sale from November 8 as an exclusive PlayStation 4 title. The game will feature a day-one update that will help improve the performance of the title from the beginning. If this project works properly, it is very likely that we will see Hideo Kojima bet on similar ones in the future, as he is determined to extend the genre of the ‘Social Strand System’.