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Death Stranding Launch Trailer Finished “Almost”, Hideo Kojima Confirms

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Death Stranding aspires to be the great November release. The new game from Hideo Kojima, the first title of the independent studio Kojima Productions, will arrive on PlayStation 4 on November 8 and, as usual, will feature a launch trailer shortly before its premiere. Recently, the main father of this production, Hideo Kojima, has just confirmed that the new Death Stranding launch trailer is just around the corner.

With a photograph that shows the logo of the game along with a Matryoshka of Cliff and Ludens, Kojima has only released a brief saying that “The launch trailer is almost done,” on his official Twitter account, to make it clear that very soon we can enjoy again footage starring his video game. The development was finished a few weeks ago, so everything is in order for the first full week of November.

It is unknown what this new video will show, although it is expected that he will make a small review of characters and some of the mechanics that we can experience in Sam’s skin. Death Stranding aspires to be a huge title both for its map and for its story and possibilities, so this launch trailer is going to be just a tiny and concentrated snack of everything that awaits us in the odyssey to connect all the United Cities from America.

In recent news, a journalist who had a chance to try Death Stranding at PAX Australia explained that the game has a nightmare setting similar to Silent Hills. On the other hand, the review embargo date of the game was also confirmed.

Will Kojima Productions manage to live up to the expectations generated during all these years? There is less than a month left to know the answer. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below.