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Kojima: Death Stranding will be a more realistic experience thanks to motion capture

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Hideo Kojima’s recent projects have shown the progress of the work and experience that the creative has achieved in terms of the use of motion capture. His next game, Death Stranding will be no exception and, in the words of the creator of Metal Gear, what we get in the end will be a realistic experience that will account for the progress in motion capture and its use in video games.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the creative, Hideo Kojima, approached the advances in motion capture and its use in films to deliver increasingly impressive works that are able to create environments with special attention to detail and reflect properly digitizing real elements.

According to reports, Kojima referred to Death Stranding, a title that, according to his idea, will be a more realistic experience and will be a step forward in its goal of going beyond the traditional gameplay creation, as it happens with the industry of cinema.

Thus, Kojima stated the following in that sense: “In my current project, Death Stranding, we’ve captured real, analog actors Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, and are recreating them digitally within the game. The ability to control a real actor is unique to the fiction of games and leads to a more realistic experience, and that is the shared aim of games and movies alike. Digital technologies are the magic ingredient to achieve this goal.”

Death Stranding will debut on PlayStation 4 and has a deadline of 2019.