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Death Stranding Homo Demons, Multiplayer, Game Over and More Info Detailed by Kojima

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During a recent interview for Famitsu (via Reddit), Hideo Kojima revealed further details on the plot of the much awaited title of Death Stranding.

The game designer has revealed the true nature of the craters in Death Stranding that we have noticed more than once in the various trailers published during these years.

The functionality is called “Void out” and foresees that every time we are eaten by a monster or by Homo Demens the map creates these craters. These will sweep everything they find inside them, like buildings and structures in that area.

Below you can find out all the details shared in the interview (Remember that FOLLOWING CONTAINS GAMEPLAY SPOILERS!):

Void out: If you trigger a void out (eaten by the monster or by Homo Demons), the map will create a crater. All building and infrastructure will be gone. But the crater will only exist in your world. As time goes by, the rian fall will recover the crater and you will see others players building and infrastructure again.

Game Over: There is no gameover in this game. Traditional game will reset the time to “before you die”. In DS, we don’t do that. If sam die, his soul will be drown in “ocean space” (結び目 ). Sam has to look for his body to come back to life. The first trailer is where Sam die and the soul stranding in other side.

Like System: If you used something that was created by other player, the system will automatically given a like, after using it, you can manually given another like. In total you can give two likes to a building/infrastructure. Kojima said people who testing the game has different opinions. American game tester said they doesn’t like the system give out likes without their consent. Japanese game tester are fine with it. (Yes, there are people already playing/testing the game!)

Location Names: Real cities names will not be showing in the game.

Snow mountains: In those snow mountains, there are chances you will have “snow-blindness”. Which make you difficult to see what’s ahead, even a cliff.

Multiplayer: The reason Kojima doesn’t want player is see or interact with other player directly, like MGSV base infiltration. Because he want to create another type of connection between players. “I want to date that girl, but not marrying her, type of connection” said by Kojima san. (He talk a lots about this topic, there is a deeper meaning to this that I can’t translate, sorry.)

Fun facts: there are people (game testers) who got very excited to see the destination after a very very long walk, and got over his head and fall off a cliff or just fall on the grand and made a mess(cargos fail on the ground).

Homo Demons: They are very tough to deal with, better avoid them than facing a stand off. However if you are good at shooting, then you should be fine.

Bike: you can customized your bike, with decorations and leave the bike for others. Kojima did a very unique customization on his bike. You may be able to find it in the game.

MULE: they are human, former delivery man with delivery syndrome (配達症候群, no idea what this means). They won’t kill you, but only take your cargos.

Super easy mod: You can kill catcher in 2 shot.

In recent news, a journalist who had a chance to try Death Stranding at PAX Australia explained that the game has a nightmare setting similar to Silent Hills. On the other hand, the review embargo date of the game was also confirmed.

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Death Stranding will be available starting November 8, 2019 exclusively on PlayStation 4.