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Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Explains the Presence of World Wars in The Game

Death Stranding was the absolute protagonist of the Opening Night Live of GamesCom 2019. It was presented at the gala with two new trailers and a strange gameplay that left us speechless.

Due to the celebration of one of the largest European video game fairs, GamesCom 2019, which has been attended by Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear saga and director of Death Stranding, now the Japanese creative has been explaining important details about his new work.

Kojima explained in an interview with Max Twitch channel why scenes from World War I and II appeared in the trailers. We remember that in several Death Stranding trailers these scenes caused us a lot of intrigues since they didn’t seem to match the theme and time of the game.

Now, thanks to the clarification of the charismatic director, we can know that it is not about time travel, but about strange consequences that the world is suffering because the dimensions of the living and the dead has overlapped within Death Stranding.

Those strange invisible creatures that roam the game world that has been called “BT” can catch Sam, the protagonist, and take him to the world of the dead. These beings are supposed to be people who died at a certain moment. When they catch Sam they take him to an alternative version of the place and time they died. So, it seems, Sam will be transferred to versions of several wars because the beings that catch him died in these fighting.

As much as some doubts are clarified, many more arise about Death Stranding. Anyways, the game will release exclusively on PS4 on November 8.

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