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Death Stranding Gameplay Is In The Internal Testing Phase

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Yes, we know, the discretion with which Kojima Productions has handled Death Stranding generates more doubts than answers and it is not known when the game will be released. However, although the official trailers have been a little revealing, Hideo Kojima has been in charge of informing that the project is going very well and at great speed. Proof of this is the statement he gave to Dengeki about Death Stranding gameplay being tested.

A few days ago, Hideo Kojima, the creator of Death Stranding, revealed to Dengeki that the project has already surpassed another experimental phase and now they are focused on the internal testing of Death Stranding gameplay.

At the beginning, Kojima asked the fans to be calm and confident about the progress in the development of the title: “Ever since December 2016 we had not published new information, and there ought to be many fans who were getting worried or even imagining many things, but please rest assured.”

To show that he is serious, Kojima revealed that Death Stranding is now in the testing phase in terms of its game design: “Currently, we have surpassed the experiment phase, and by entering the next step, we’re feeling the response to the new gameplay.”

It is important to remember that, during the PlayStation Experience 2017, Kojima reported that Death Stranding is already playable and Mark Cerny, the head of PlayStation, validated the statement.

Death Stranding will come, at some point, to PlayStation 4. Recently, Kojima Productions published some details about the female version of Ludens.

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