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Death Stranding Game Themes, Cut-Scenes, Customization and More Detailed by Kojima

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Like it or not, this was definitely the week for Death Stranding. The mysterious title in fact, after some time, has finally been shown to the general public in a long and beautiful trailer, which also contains numerous gameplay scenes. A video that has practically involved the video game community in its entirety.

In addition to this video, however, the information on the title is numerous. Thanks to the news of these days we have in fact come to know that Death Stranding will not be a stealth game and that the title does not include a game over mechanic. We also learned about the future Collector Edition and got an idea of ​​the size of the game map. It’s not all over here though and Kojima has revealed more interesting features of the title.

The talented Japanese game designer on Twitter has indeed revealed a wealth of information on the highly anticipated title. The character played by Madd Mikkelsen, for example, was initially not a smoker. The feature, widely observable even in the trailer, was inserted later by Kojima only after observing the famous actor smoking during a break.

In Death Stranding, ample space will also be given to customizing the protagonist (Sam), with hats and glasses that can be worn at will. Just like in the previous titles of the talented developer, the cutscenes will also be in real-time. In this regard, Kojima writes the following: “Cap and sunglasses can be worn at anytime you want as an equipment in the game. Like my other games, all the cutscenes are played in real-time rendering so if you’re wearing sunglasses in the game play, it will carry on to the cutscene except otherwise it’s too inappropriate.”

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Finally, the roundup of information ends with a quote from Indira Gandhi, the first woman to assume the office of Prime Minister in India: “You cannot shake hands, with a clenched fist.” These were the words of the first female Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. A hand being able to work as both a stick and a rope is one of the themes of #DEATHSTRANDING. Tomorrow is in your hands.”

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