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Death Stranding Funny Video Replaces All the Characters With Hideo Kojima

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Death Stranding is already available on PS4. After months of speculation and years of waiting, the video game of Hideo Kojima has been preceded by a large advertising campaign and the figure of its head of responsibility. This has generated a lot of debates parallel to the intrinsic quality of the game itself, confirming to what extent the fame of the Japanese creative can help or harm its commercial development. Together with his passion for being at the center of attention of his own games, the iFake tool wanted to make a funny tribute to this title.

Death Stranding has reached the Sony console – and in 2020 it will arrive on PC – with a team of top-level actors and actresses, Norman Reedus being the absolute protagonist of the title in the main role. Being this one of the attractions of the game, iFake, a well-known YouTube account, has wanted to take the opportunity to put the face of Metal Gear’s father in each and every one of the faces of the interpreters, resulting in quite crazy combinations. How would Lindsay Wagner look like with Kojima’s face? Well, you can see for yourself below.

With unprecedented precedents as a cover letter, such as the 40/40 obtained in Famitsu, Death Stranding has not escaped the controversy. According to Kojima, the US public has not received the game well because it is not a shooter, something that has generated some disagreement among the public, which has orchestrated a review bombing maneuver in aggregators such as Metacritic. Work of a particular figure in the world of video games, capable of obtaining two Guinness awards for his influence on social networks, Death Stranding seems to have come to stay.

Set in the distant future, Death Stranding tells us the odyssey of Sam Porter Bridges in his difficult task of reconnecting the fragmented United States. After a mass extinction event, players must tour North America delivering packages of first necessity and inviting survivors to join civilization again. With a unique gameplay, which according to Kojima will be valued over the years, it is one of the games of the year for PlayStation 4.