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Death Stranding First Gameplay Trailer Revealed; Mama & Deadman Character Trailer Showcased

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Hideo Kojima came to Germany to finally showcase the first gameplay trailer of Death Stranding. The acclaimed Japanese creative visited his good friend – Geoff Keighley – and also presented new trailers focusing on characters such as Mama and Deadman.

The premiere of Death Stranding will take place on November 8. The game is prepared by Kojima Productions and this is Hideo Kojima’s first position since the Japanese left Konami. The creator decided to prepare a mysterious production, in which several well-known actors were involved. The game intrigues from the first announcement and this is definitely one of the most important titles coming this year to PlayStation 4.

On the first trailer, players can see a new character – Mama – who cannot move from her location because she has … An invisible child who is in the world on the other side. Typical Kojima. In the second material appeared Guillermo del Toro, who together with Norman Reedus took care of updating the baby … It will be a really interesting production.

The role of Mama is played by Margaret Qualley – an American actress and model starred in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Strange But True, Notebook of Death, and more.

Kojima also showed a brand new gameplay trailer of Death Stranding, but all in all, it’s hard to describe it in words. The hero at the beginning of the game began to pee, a mushroom appeared on the spot, then the protagonist scanned the location. After that he had the opportunity to meet a mysterious character played by Geoff Keighley, just to fall off the cliff at the end … The child got scared, so the protagonist calmed him down. Hideo at this point used the motion sensor from DualShock 4 – the kid in the jar will calm down by moving the controller slightly, but what if we do it too quickly, will the newborn be angry? Well, its hard to tell until another gameplay comes out.

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In any case, check out all the new trailers of Death Stranding presented in this Gamescom Opening Night LIVE below.