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Death Stranding: Kojima Explains Why It is “A Hideo Kojima Game”

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Hideo Kojima, currently working on Death Stranding, wanted to explain on Twitter the meaning of a famous reference that often accompanies his games.

Death Stranding will be a Hideo Kojima game, a game by Hideo Kojima. Not the first nor the last, and, therefore, the famous Japanese game designer wanted to explain on Twitter the meaning of this particular wording.

“33 years ago in Game Industry, the game dev team was formed only 5-6 people,” Kojima wrote on his Twitter account, currently dealing with the crunch phase of the Death Stranding work, which will release on PS4 on November 8th. “Creating the concept ideas, writing the story & specs, drawing the map on the graph paper, helping dot draw, inputting the data directly, managing the flag, constructing simplified language by logic, compressing binary number image, conducting all the directions and even writing the manual script.”

Kojima also stated that he “had to do business management, producing, & promoting. Even when the team got bigger and the task was subdivided my way of making game didn’t change, an indies style. I get involved myself with the game creation from upstream to downstream. That’s A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME.”

Remember that Death Stranding will release on November 8th on PS4. There are some rumors that talk about a PC release of the game.

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