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Death Stranding Devs Are In “Crunch Time” To Finish Development, Says Kojima

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Hideo Kojima has posted a message on his personal Twitter account stating that he and his team are currently undergoing a crunch period to finish the development of Death Stranding, scheduled for November 8 on PlayStation 4.

The Japanese creative, oblivious to all kinds of debate about the increasingly denounced practice of extended working hours above the stipulated, has had no qualms about recognizing that the team of Kojima Productions is working overtime to be able to arrive on time at a day that marks the calendar of Sony.

“The studio I established was tiny indies but trying our best to deliver the product launching on Nov 8th,” he says, accompanied by a new promotional image of Death Stranding with its recurring cinematic style.

The crunch time, which is not unique to the gaming industry, applies to any employment practice where employees every day have to work with the objective of achieving an objective subject to a certain date, the workforce is not necessarily extended but the days are extended in many cases without financial compensation.

Not surprisingly, it is in electronic entertainment where more cases are being made public by the employees themselves, who anonymously or personally denounce this type of practices so that they end and do not repeat in the future.

The philosophy of Kojima Productions seems to be different in this respect and, because of the tone and the record used by Hideo Kojima, it seems not to be a topic to be ashamed of.

Death Stranding will release exclusively for PlayStation 4 in physical and digital format.