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Death Stranding Day One Patch 1.02 Size & Details Revealed

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Already on the launch day, a Day One patch will be available for Death Stranding, which will take the title to version 1.02 and makes some final improvements. With 356 MB it is quite manageable, as can be seen from a Reddit article.

An extensive changelog is not available for Update 1.02 of the game yet. The data only indicates that network functionality improvements and performance improvements are made.

Death Stranding Patch 1.02

  • Optimized network functionality
  • Various performance improvements

Further details are not yet known, but the possibilities are limited due to the low data volume. Also, the total size of Death Stranding is 48.8 GB. A few days ago it was leaked that the PS4 title has a file size of 55 GB. This number should be expected to include updates or future DLCs. For an open-world game of the developer of Metal Gear Solid, the title is ultimately quite small.

Death Stranding will release on November 8, 2019 exclusively for the PS4. After the launch, you will be transported to a near future where mysterious explosions shake the earth. This leads to the triggering of numerous supernatural events known as the “Death Stranding.”

In recent news, it was known when the review embargo falls. This will happen on November 1, 2019. From this day, the international media will be allowed to publish their reviews. According to a journalist, the game has nightmare settings like Silent Hills.