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Death Stranding: Kojima Explains A Gameplay Mechanic Regarding Damage Censor Tape

Through his official Twitter page, Hideo Kojima, the famous father of the Metal Gear saga, shared a new, small detail about Death Stranding, the mysterious title made in Decima Engine coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 at a release date still not known.

The new trailer of the game shown at E3 2018 has often shown Sam, the protagonist of the adventure, exploring the vast and desolated locations with mysterious packs on his shoulders, which apparently will be used to transport bodies. These packages are packed with yellow adhesive tape, a detail that, up to now, seemed not to be of particular relevance.

On the contrary, Hideo Kojima has confirmed that a role of gameplay is involved: when the package suffers damage, the tape, initially yellow, will undergo color changes that will then indicate the level of integrity of what we can carry. Is it, therefore, confirmed that Sam will be a “postman of the bodies”?

Kojima would release this information in order to allow cosplayers, fanart artists and CG models to recreate Sam and his equipment as accurately as possible. At this point, it will be interesting to observe this peculiar gameplay mechanic in action.

Death Stranding is expected exclusively on PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, Kojima Productions has not yet provided a release date for its mysterious project. In recent weeks, more details have been revealed about Sam’s plot and hands.

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