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Death Stranding Briefing Trailer Leaked, Explains Game’s Purpose

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With a leaked video we can today take a first look at the so-called “Briefing” trailer for Death Stranding. The creator of the game Hideo Kojima has already confirmed that Gamescom will present a trailer that reveals more about the background and motivation of the protagonist Sam. Various reports already confirmed some details. You can now see the leaked video below at the end of this article.

Unfortunately, the footage filmed from a closed presentation on the PlayStation booth at Gamescom 2019 does not offer the best video quality. Also, Sony may be quick to take down the leaked video, so watch it before the trailer disappears quickly from YouTube anyway.

The video features characters like Amelie and The Hardman, who further educate the hero Sam Porter Bridges on his mission to move west to rejoin the chaotic terminals on his way to reconnect the scattered terminals of the chiral network to reunite the United Cities of America.

The terminals are connected to the Chiral Web through the connection to bring people together again. However, Sam rejects the mission and promises never again to get involved with Amelie and Hardman or other people.

Death Stranding will release on November 8, 2019 exclusively for PS4.