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Death Stranding New “Briefing” Trailer Explained, Which Describes “Purpose of the Game”

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We already told you about three new trailers of Death Stranding, and you know what? Now we were allowed to see a fourth, which actually explains the purpose of the game, what exactly you should do in the game.

For the opening night of gamescom 2019, Hideo Kojima has shown three new trailers of Death Stranding, which you can see at this link. This included a gameplay video in which your character eases in the game (he pees – and then mushrooms grow, so it’s worth watching).

Today, however, a fourth trailer of Death Stranding called “Briefing” was revealed. We were not allowed to record it, nor has it been uploaded to YouTube yet – if it goes online, we’ll add the trailer here, of course.

So what was that mysterious “Briefing” trailer?

A pretty interesting indeed, because although it showed neither gameplay nor new characters, it has yet to tell a lot about the story in the game. And, perhaps more importantly, it indicates what you’re actually going to do in the game. Death Stranding developer and stealth genius Hideo Kojima has been hinting for months that his game is about connecting people. Not surprisingly, creating connections is exactly what your character Sam Bridges should do.

In Briefing, Sam is asked by Amelie to go on a mission to reunite the UCA (United Cities of America). He refuses, but it seems he still chooses to do it – and that’s exactly what your task (or one of your tasks) will be. On a holographic map, there are several places distributed across the fictional America, which Sam needs to visit to convince them of his cause.

His opponents are not only the ones who see violence as a solution (to what extent this is expressed in the game, was not shown), but also the Homo Demens: extremists, we have seen many times in various trailers.

Sam Bridges also has to rescue Amelie, which can be seen in the “Briefing” trailer, but only as a hologram: She is held captive in the extremist-ridden city of Edge Knot City, furthermore – and now it’s getting weird again, so watch out – she does not age because she is still at the Strand. Whatever that means.

So it looks like the game will send you on a journey through a huge, fictional America where you have to convince various people to work together. At the same time, at least I strongly suspect, you will work with other players in some way – not directly, but certainly indirectly.

Death Stranding will release on November 8, 2019 on PS4.