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Death Stranding: a leak reveals details on possible gameplay, storyline and more


Death Stranding is still shrouded in mystery, and many are wondering what kind of game the first project of Hideo Kojima will be since he is free from relationships with Konami. Over the past few hours, there was a leak coming from a self-styled collaborator Guillermo del Toro team committed to the creation of the title.


Note: in order to avoid major spoilers, albeit unconfirmed, about the plot of Death Stranding, we advise against the continuation of the reading.

The leak appeared on a forum but later it was deleted by the author himself, however, it was protected by some fans who immediately posted the images on imgur. From what has emerged so far, then, we learn that to support Norman Reedus among the participating actors, there should also be Mads Mikkelsen (confirming previous rumor), Idris Elba and Lindsay Wagner, as well as another mysterious actor whose even Guillermo del Toro would be familiar with. Kojima would have also tried to convince Ryan Gosling to take part in the project, except too many commitments which prevented the famous actor to participate.

As for the gameplay, the title would be presented as a hybrid between Uncharted and The Division; there will be stealth elements, but the main focus will be in the gameplay made of stages on a heavily marked-action style. They will still have the in-game cut-scenes like in the Metal Gear Solid.

The narrative instead, would be inspired by films like Shutter Island, Pacific Rim and The Strain. The child in this first trailer should be the son of the protagonist played by Reedus, ie Adam, whose wife and “rival” would be “Eve”, recalling with all this an obvious reference to the Genesis of the Bible. The narrative plot would start with an accident after which Adam will not remember most of his identity. The dynamics of what happens at the beginning will be explained only at the end of the game, though.

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The release date of the Death Stranding, finally, would be scheduled for the end of 2018, around the Christmas period. By following this link, you will find even more information, but of course we recommend that you avoid doing so unless you want to read more possible spoilers in as we remind you that all the information emerged, even as many important ones, are mere rumor.

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