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Dead Rising Original Coming To PlayStation 4


The appearance of the list of trophies of Dead Rising on a website, suggests the launch of this title for PlayStation 4.

Dead Rising

The list of achievements appeared on Exophase (see here all the trophies), a site that has already revealed sometimes relaunches of game before its official announcement, as the remasters of Heavy Rain and Beyond.

The first game of the franchise Dead Rising was released exclusively for Xbox 360 in 2006, 10 years ago, and for all this time has remained an exclusive title for Microsoft consoles. This Xbox exclusive title later released in mobile format and Wii, was hailed by fans and press due to its unique characteristics and led to a series in which the next game, Dead Rising 4, which will arrive in December to Xbox One and Windows 10.

Anyway, a relaunch of this title on PlayStation 4 is somewhat surprising, because Dead Rising 4 will be a continuation of the first chapter of the franchise; however, the latter will also be, as before, exclusive to Xbox One.

The list that consists of 51 Trophies suggests that Dead Rising will return to allow players to dispatch some zombies while wearing bizarre facts and taking pictures.

So far it is known that Dead Rising 4 will be exclusive to Xbox One temporarily and that it will not go on another platform up to a year after its release. Perhaps the relaunch of the first Dead Rising is a kind of compensation from Capcom for this end of the year for PlayStation console.

While Dead Rising 3 was exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10, Dead Rising 2 was released on the PlayStation 3 but the original was never presented on the Sony console.

Now it only remains to wait for some official announcement with more information about this release.

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