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NiOh and Dead or Alive Dev Confirms The Development of New Games

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Before finalizing 2017, Team Ninja announced that the support for Dead or Alive 5 had come to an end and taking into account the success that Nioh has had, it was supposed to be working on new projects.

However, when an announcement was expected from the studio, it was not, but today the fans can rest assured as the studio is already working on new games and, the best thing is, they will be for all types of audiences.

As part of an interview for Famitsu, Yosuke Hayashi, the president of Team Ninja, revealed that they are already working on a variety of games with which they seek to satisfy various sectors of the public.

As an example, Hayashi considered the situation of Nioh, a title that was liked by players worldwide and that not only remained as an exclusive product for Japan. In general terms, the top manager of Team Ninja said that the games they are developing are designed for all those who love video games in various parts of the world.

In this way, it seems that Team Ninja has started the year with enough motivation to focus on the development of new games and it will only be a matter of waiting to see if it is a new IP, the new release of Dead or Alive or the desired sequel to Nioh.