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Dead Island 2 Pre-Order Available for Xbox One on Microsoft Store

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As you may already know, Dead Island 2 has been under development for a very, very long time, and everything indicates that the game has been in great difficulty since it changed developer from Jaeger to Sumo Digital, who has not said anything about the process of the game in several years.

Recently, however, the CEO of THQ Nordic, Lars Wingefors, firmly convinced investors that the game is still being worked on, and something might indicate that they will soon have more to say about it.

In any case, it has recently become possible to pre-order Dead Island 2 for Xbox One via Microsoft Store. Opening for pre-orders usually means that the developers are about to bring the title to become available for the general public, but of course, you never know with Dead Island 2. The fictitious release date of December 31, 2019, is obviously not accurate, but just mentioning it tells us that something will happen soon.


The fact that Dead Island 2 is pre-commandable tells us that an announcement is certainly close, and even more so as the E3 2019. It’s time for Deep Silver to get out of the game because another big game with zombies is coming soon too, this is Dying Light 2, which will be widely unveiled at E3 this year.

Below, you can see the announcement trailer of the game shown at E3 2014 but there is a good chance that the final game is quite different given the many upheavals that have undergone its development.

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