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Dead Island 2 Leak Suggests 2020 Launch Title of PS5 & Xbox Scarlett, TimeSplitters 4 To Follow

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Announced in the E3 of 2014 with a very spectacular trailer, as happened with the first installment of the saga, Dead Island 2 is having a very complicated development, but it seems that it could finally see the light next year, and also as a launch title of the new generation of consoles: PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

According to a leak that appeared on Reddit, Dead Island 2 has a launch planned for the end of 2020, and thus coincide its arrival with the new consoles, which will be put on sale at Christmas 2020, as Sony recently confirmed with its PlayStation 5. In addition, one of the most outstanding features of the game would be a very advanced and detailed gore system, mentioning that THQ Nordic already has PS5 development kits, as expected.

That it will be a launch title of the new consoles does not mean that it will not come out for the current ones, PS4 and Xbox One, and it is very likely to be a game for both generations, as will happen with many other titles that will launch next year.

After a long time without knowing anything about the game, this summer we learned that the development changed hands again, now in charge of Dambuster Studios, the creators of the failed Homefront: The Revolution. A studio that, in addition, would also be immersed in the development of another title very demanded by the community, TimeSplitters 4, the new installment of one of the most popular FPS franchises of the generation of PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.

If we consider that the objective is to launch the game next year, it is more than likely that this studio has taken advantage of part of the work done by Sumo Digital, and they have not started from scratch.

Dead Island 2, if it has not changed its approach, will again be an action game in the open world with touches of role, which can be enjoyed in a cooperative and that will take place in sunny California, in an adventure full of action, gore and much humor and even social criticism.

Meanwhile, the original creators of the saga, Techland, launched their spiritual successor, the remarkable Dying Light, which will have a very promising sequel next year.