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Dead Cells Sixth Update Hands Of Kings Brings Fresh Content and Fixes

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In 2017 Motion Twin studios released the Early Access of its rogue-lite, Metroidvania action-platformer game Dead Cells for PC platform. Through Steam Community a lot of fresh updates have been announced for the game. Also, the studio has plans for releasing Dead Cells game for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this year.

A Four-Castle code-name for the sixth update under Beta has been released that add new levels and boss in the game. The Hand of the King is the final boss of the game revealed by the developer. You can get detailed info on the same in the source link at the end of this game news.

The sixth update of the game adds new bosses, new levels, new difficulty mode and new weapons in the game. All of these are listed in detail on the source link. In this update “The Castle” you will find two new enemies to tackle. The final boss later will give you a lot more competitive gameplay and you have to use your tactics wisely to win. The difficulty mode called as “Nightmarish” is the part of new version where more challenges wait for you if the previous one bores you.

Along with new things, there are a lot of improvements and fixes for the game in the update. The game is scheduled to release for console and Switch platform along with Windows, Mac, and Linux this year.