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Days Gone Won’t Allow You To Select Difficulty Level

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GameInformer has recently published a video showing the first hour of Days Gone commented by the developers, thanks to the words of the development team we discover that the game will not allow you to select the difficulty level.

Sony Bend confirms that Days Gone will not have multiple difficulty levels and therefore it will not be possible to select in any way the difficulty level before the game. The developers are working to provide an optimal balance, with the aim of providing a balanced challenge to both novices and more experienced players.

In that sense, the director of the game, Jeff Ross, confirmed the following: “The game itself is already pretty hard. It’s not very good when it’s easy. It’s a way more exciting game [when it’s hard], it’s a lot of fun — and it kinda speaks to the fantasy of the apocalypse by being a challenge. We give too much away for free by having an easy mode.”

Recall that Days Gone will be available in the course of 2019 on PS4 and PS4 Pro, according to what we learned the game will be released before The Last of Us 2, so as to avoid a direct fight with the title of Naughty Dog.

The developers also revealed some details about the game duration, talking about at least 30 hours are needed to complete the adventure.


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