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Days Gone Will Run At Checkerboard 4K/30fps on PS4 Pro

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Days Gone seeks to be more than a typical zombie title, so Bend Studio is working on various mechanics and features. John Garvin, the creative director of the project, recently shared new details of this title for PlayStation 4.

During a question and answer session with Game Informer, the creative revealed many details about the game. Garvin stressed that the enemies of the game are not called zombies, but freakers.

The narrative of the game will reveal to us little by little how the creatures arose; however, we cannot find a cure for this massive infection. We know there will be a final boss and that we will meet an uninfected human throughout our adventure.

In terms of performance, Days Gone will run on checkerboard 4K resolution at 30 fps on the PS4 Pro. At the moment, there are no details of how it will run in the standard version of the console. Regarding the gameplay, we know that we will play as Deacon St. John and that we will be able to build camps throughout our journey.

The story of the protagonist will be known in part thanks to playable flashbacks. Also, it will be possible to customize the paint, engine and other elements of our motorcycle. Everything indicates that there will be no way to change the outfit or appearance of our character.

Garvin promised that there will be many collectibles throughout the map of the game. There will be an option to travel quickly, so it will not be a problem to cover large areas. The world will have climatic changes, but there will be no change between seasons.

Finally, the creative director revealed that they will contemplate a photo mode for the game, which will come out before The Last of Us Part II and that will not have a very important presentation in E3 2018.

Garvin spoke yesterday about the approximate duration of the game. On the other hand, we know that Bend Studio is looking for new staff for an AAA production. Days Gone is in development for PlayStation 4 and will debut sometime in 2019.