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Days Gone Will Take 30 Hours To Complete the Game

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Days Gone is the cover title of the new magazine issue of Game Informer, thanks to which new details have arrived on the new exclusive PS4 title made by Sony Bend.

In the interview in the magazine, the creative director John Garvin spoke about the skepticism that accompanied the game since the announcement, stating that it is “not the zombie game [people] think.”

What distinguishes Days Gone, according to Garvin, is the sense of danger that one experiences when exploring the game world.

The studio has worked hard to provide a feeling of constant urgency and danger to the player: anything can happen at any time, depending on the weather, the time and the approach with which the protagonist is facing the adventure. This unpredictability will also affect the path that will lead the player to the credits of Days Gone.

“The golden path is going to take you about 30 hours, but it’s going to take you a lot longer than that because things are going to happen to you along the way depending on how careful you are & how much you pay attention,” said Garvin.

At the moment, Days Gone does not have a release date yet, but we’ll probably know more during the E3 2018 that will take place in Los Angeles next month.

Did you know that Sony Bend is also working on another exclusive AAA title for PS4? In any case, what do you think about the duration of this game? Tell us in the comments below.