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Dauntless Guide: How To Unlock and Obtain Ostian Repeaters


As we explained to you in our Dauntless weapons guide, the Ostian Repeaters represent the ideal option to face combat from distance. Below we will explain how to unlock and get these weapons in the game.

To get the Ostian Repeaters in Dauntless you will need to complete two quests. In this mini-guide, we will explain you how to do it step by step.

Step 1: Talk to Katerin Sorrel:
You will have the opportunity to unlock the Ostian Repeaters after killing the Embermane Behemoth, a monster that you will face during the main quest of the game. After doing so and at least reaching the level of Slayer 3, follow these steps:

Travel to Ramsgate
Talk to Katerin Sorrel at Ramsgate Plaza
Agree to do the “Go Forth and Slay” mission
Hunt out the Behemoths Drask and Boreus
Talk to the Middleman, the Ramsgate vendor
Infuse any piece of gear with cells
Talk to Markus Boehr at Ramsgate Plaza
Create two Blitz Tonics
Equip and use the Blitz Tonics during a hunt
Return to Katerin Sorrel and get your rewards

Step 2: Talk to Janek Zai:
Once you complete the “Go Forth and Slay” mission, you can finally talk to the fleet admiral of the Ostian fleet Janek Zai. You can find him near the airship that fell in Ramsgate. After you have finished speaking with Admiral Zai, this will give you the opportunity to receive the Ostian Repeaters as a reward.

Remember that the Ostian Repeaters are modular weapons that can be upgraded with additional parts (such as rods, loaders, kicks and prisms), in order to make them more effective against certain enemies.

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