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Dauntless Guide: Tips and Strategies for Hunting Behemoths


After a long time spent in alpha and then in beta on PC, Dauntless now also allows console players to hunt for Behemoths. Although the title of Phoenix Lab is much less complex than Monster Hunter World, the mechanics to be learned are not few and it is certainly advisable to read our advice before visiting Ramsgate and its surroundings.

Just like in the hunting game series of Capcom, Dauntless offers the player various types of weapons with which they can slaughter the creatures that inhabit the game world. At the moment there does not seem to be an exaggeratedly more effective category than the others and it is therefore up to the player to choose which instrument of death is best suited to his style of play. Those who like to stay at a distance will surely sneak on their guns, those who love being slow but devastating will lean towards the Ax or the Broadsword and those who prefer touched can only go for Double Blades. In short, there is something for all tastes and only time can tell you which weapon is right for you. For that, check this guide which explains the best type of weapons in Dauntless.


Although it is a game focused on the cooperative aspect, we can only advise you to do some solo hunting to test the various weapons and train with the many combos that characterize them. In this way you will learn to master each of the weapon classes and dodge the Behemoth attacks, a fundamental mechanic to become good at Dauntless. We also remind you that the continued use of the various weapons allows obtaining mastery levels. You can take a look at the mastering levels screen by opening the main menu with the start button and selecting the Mastery item. At each level, you will be given rewards including skins to be applied to the weapon with the transmutation.


Learn To Distinguish Damage:

If the initial clashes of Dauntless will seem like a walk do not worry, as you progress in the game you will find yourself hunting for very dangerous creatures and it will not be enough to attack with your head down. In addition to acquiring a certain skill in dodging as suggested above, it is also good to know perfectly the colors associated with the various types of damage, in order to more easily damage enemies and obtain extra materials for crafting. In addition to the standard white damage, we find for example the yellow damage, also called targeted damage.

When attacking an enemy and the numbers related to the damage are yellow it means that you are hitting a sensitive part of the monster, which can be broken or destroyed if hit repeatedly. Among the parts that suffer targeted damage, we find tail and horns, which you can detach to obtain unique materials that will be useful in the manufacture of weapons and armor. The stun damage is instead the blue one and, with a little insistence, it will guarantee you a small window of time during which you can attack the monster over and over again and inflict large amounts of damage on it. Finally, the last type of damage is the red one, which will apply a disempowerment to the creature that will allow the entire hunting team to inflict more damage. Unlike all other damages, the tearing one requires the use of specific weapons capable of inflicting such damage.

Manage Resource Wisely:

In the initial stages, Dauntless will not put a large number of materials and game currency in the hands of the players, so it’s good to keep everything you have. Until reaching Hunter Level 10 (to which you will be guided through the quests) it is advisable, for example, to use weapons and armor without damage or elementary defense. In this way, you will be able to face Behemoths of any kind without any particular problems, since investing your resources in a fire weapon could give you great advantages against some monsters and as many disadvantages in fighting with other creatures.

A great tip to follow is to diversify the missions dealt with. In doing so you will not only come into possession of crafting materials of various kinds, but you will also be able to increase the degree of mastery towards the various creatures. Just like the level of mastery of weapons, leveling that of creatures will give you as a reward slot for additional consumables and passive abilities that increase the chances of getting monster pieces at the end of the hunt and consumables at the time of collection.

Communicate with your Companions:

In a game like Dauntless, the possibility of communicating with your hunting companions is not to be underestimated and, if you have no way to activate voice chat or write thanks to the help of a keyboard, you can always resort to alternative methods. Given the absence of a mini-map, at the start of any mission, it is very likely that the various players will disperse and that only one of the four will encounter the creature to be defeated. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that everyone else is aware that someone has found the Behemoth and, more importantly, that they know where to go to give you support as soon as possible.

You can solve the situation with a gesture as simple as it is useful: launch a signal rocket. Launching a rocket is very easy and it is an action that can be done in the same way as the emotes, or by holding the left trigger (LT on Xbox One and L2 on PlayStation 4) and then selecting the action with the right analog stick.

Daily and Weekly Quests:

As in most free to play games, in Dauntless there is also the possibility to complete some weekly and daily assignments. To control them, all you have to do is enter the main menu with the Start button, select the entry Diary Missions and click on Challenges of the Hunting License to make all the timed challenges appear on the right side of the screen. In addition to the daily newspapers, which will guarantee you some extra rewards upon completion, it is advisable to do everything possible to complete all the weekly challenges proposed within the time limit. Each of the weekly assignments will reward you with as many as 150 Huntsmen, the only currency that allows hunters to progress between the levels of the seasonal pass whether you are in possession of the free version or the premium version.

The demands of these missions are never too complex to satisfy and you will usually be asked to eliminate a certain number of creatures (usually 10), complete some missions or inflict a specific amount of damage with a weapon. In short, the first thing to do once the game has started is to take a quick look at the quest log to make sure you complete all the weekly tasks (the top left of each box shows the remaining time).

Regarding the level linked to the Hunting License, we remind you that the rewards will be retrieved manually in the appropriate screen, which can be reached by pressing the Start button and accessing the Hunting License item.


Take Advantage of the Cross-Platform:

Thanks to the tools provided to the developers by Epic Games, Dauntless supports the cross-platform in the same way as seen on Fortnite Battle Royal. This means that you can download the game for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and, regardless of the platform on which you start the game, you will always find yourself using your character without losing progress. The only requirement required to take advantage of this mechanism is to connect your Epic Games account to the Xbox Live profile and/or PlayStation Network.

In this way, the game will automatically log in to the next game starts and you will not have to do anything to switch from one platform to another. We also remind you that a Playbook Plus exclusive skin pack is available on PlayStation Store for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Simply redeem the bundle and start the game on PS4 and then use the weapons on PC and Xbox One. Finally, it should be noted that on Xbox One an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold is required to access the servers, while on PS4 it is not mandatory to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.