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Dauntless Guide: Best Weapons to Start Playing the Game


Dauntless is finally available on PS4, after having landed on PC and Xbox One. The Phoenix Labs game, clearly inspired by Monster Hunter, is a coop free-to-play action role-playing game. We take on the role of a hunter who must take down a series of great creatures: the challenge becomes serious from the beginning, especially if you are not familiar with the genre. So with this guide of ours, we want to help you start playing Dauntless with some less difficulty.

One of the fundamental points of the game, as always in this genre, is the weapon we choose: it is not just a matter of equipping the “thickest and worst” one, but above all of finding the one that fits our style and allows us to get the best out of our abilities. So let’s see together what the different types of Dauntless Weapons are, and try to understand the advantages and disadvantages.


The hammer is one of Dauntless’s weapons that can inflict greater damage: obviously, the whole is counterbalanced by a noticeable slowness in the movements. The real drawback, however, is that it cannot cut the parts of the Behemoths. The hammer is, therefore, a weapon that should be used in combination with a blade of some kind, to be used in cases where you absolutely need to get monster parts. Having said that, know that the hammer is a perfect weapon for newbies as it is easy to use: learning to synchronize the attacks is not too complex and massive damage is the icing on the cake. Always pay attention, however, to the resistance: the big weapons tire the characters more quickly.

Ostian Repeaters:

The Ostian Repeaters are not a weapon available right away, so it is to be excluded as a weapon for new players; nevertheless, we want to give you an idea of ​​what it is. It is the only Dauntless ranged weapon and is therefore perfect both for adopting offensive techniques and defensive techniques. Furthermore, it is possible (and fundamental) to equip additional parts to adapt the weapon to the type of enemy you want to deal with.

Dauntless Ostian Repeaters


The Ax is a slow but very offensive weapon. Its peculiarity is that it allows you to load the blows to inflict a lot of extra damage, especially using the combos. The problem is that the fastest enemies are hard to hit and, in general, you have to predict where the enemy will be, playing ahead and directing the blow in that direction. If you are a solitary player, it is inadvisable to choose it since you will be too exposed to the attacks of Dauntless’s creatures. Furthermore, they are great for cutting off monster parts.

Chain blades:

This is Dauntless’s only double handle weapon. It is a fast weapon, but great attention must be paid to dodging and making sure that all the shots hit the mark as the single attack does little damage. The real advantage of the weapon, in any case, is linked to the possibility of throwing the blade through the chain: in practice, it is a real attack from distance, excellent for staying in a safe place. The special meter, which charges by attacking, allows you to dodge attacks or approach an enemy quickly.


As often happens in many games, the sword is the most balanced weapon available and is suitable for all types of players. The various shots are fast enough and there are more combos to master to maximize the damage inflicted on monsters. The special weapon gauge allows more damage to be inflicted for a certain period of time after activation. The advantage of the sword, as mentioned, derives from its being balanced, so if you want something valid for the attack but also for the defense it is a good choice as it allows you to dodge attacks or escape after a quick blow. Finally, it is a valid weapon for cutting off monster parts.

War Pike:

War Pike is one of Dauntless’s best weapons. The damage is high and has an excellent range. It is easy to learn to use it and it allows you to attack in two distinct ways: to start, you can exploit lunge attacks that can hurt the Behemoths and make them suffer damage over time, moreover, you can use cutting attacks that sever the parts of enemies. It is one of the weapons that must never be missing in a tight-knit party. Finally, the special indicator increases weapon damage based on the number of charges available.

Dauntless Weapons:

These are the types of weapons available in Dauntless. Our advice, to choose the best one, is to understand what your style of play is, and to decide if you want to tackle the adventure on your own or if you will leave immediately with a party: in the latter case, you will also confront your allies, so to create different characters and to “cover” the weaknesses of others.

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